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How to: send money to South Africa. 🇿🇦
How to: send money to South Africa. 🇿🇦

How can I send money to South Africa?

Written by Darlene
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Step1: Search for

Step 2: Log into your verified SendSprint profile.

Step 3: Select your location & currency [ USA-USD, CA- CAD or UK-GBP]

Step 4: Select your recipient’s location & currency [SA-ZAR]

Step 5: Type the amount you want to send and select "Continue".

Step 6: It shows the mode your recipient will receive their money. Select "Continue".

Step 7: Fill in the necessary information and select “Confirm”.

Step 8: Please ensure that you properly cross-check the payment details and only select "Pay" when you're sure the details are correct and you are ready to make your transfer.

Step 9: Input your card details, email, and phone number and select "Pay".

Step 10: Select "Proceed" to be redirected to your card issuer's verification.

Step 11: Input "OTP" if requested and select "Authorise Payment".

That's it, your transfer is on its way!

SendSprint will update the transfer status page once the transfer is complete.

We will also notify you and the recipients once the transfers have been processed successfully.

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