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How to: verify your SendSprint profile. ✅
How to: verify your SendSprint profile. ✅

How do I verify my identity on SendSprint?

Written by Darlene
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Q: How do I verify my identity on SendSprint?

A: It's pretty fast and easy.

Step 1: Log into your profile.

***Click here to create your profile. ***

***Click here to know how to create your SendSprint profile. ***

Step 2: Click on "Verify" to start the process.

Step 3: Open your phone camera to scan the QR code

OR Input your phone number and select "Next".

If you do not have a phone, select continue with your current device.

Step 4: Select "Start Session".

Step 5: Take a photo of your Identification document photo page.

*** For Nigerian users, please note that Nigerian National Identification Number Slip (NINS) is unacceptable.***

[Photo credit: Veriff]

Step 6: Take a Selfie.

[Photo credit: Veriff]

Step 7: Select "Continue" and wait for an update on your profile verification.

Step 8a: Your identity has been verified Yaay! 😁

Select "Got it" to start your transfer.

Step 8b: Check your email inbox for your verification notification.

Select "Send money now" to start your transfer.

Viola! You have been identified, your account has been verified and you can now securely send money with Sprint. 👍


Step 9: If you see the notification below, select "Try again" to redo the verification process, OR select "I'll do this later" to redo it at your convenience.

Please note that if you choose to redo the verification at a later time, you can't perform a transaction without a successful profile verification.

We advise that you try again immediately, it should take less than 5 mins to complete.

If you're experiencing challenges with your SendSprint profile verification, please contact us via chat or email. We'll be happy to help 😊.

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