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Is it safe to use SendSprint? πŸ”
Is it safe to use SendSprint? πŸ”

How safe is it to use SendSprint?

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Q: How safe is it to use SendSprint?

A: Be rest assured that it is safe to send your money and buy gift cards with SendSprint.

SendSprint is approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to provide money transfer services. We also are partnered with one of the leading payment gateway companies Flutterwave to guarantee secure, seamless and safe transactions.

And for extra protection, we've allied with Veriff to provide a simple and efficient, AI-powered identity verification and KYC solution against fraud.

This means your personal information, card details and any information collected are highly secured.

Q: What documents do I need for my SendSprint profile verification?

A: The acceptable documents needed for your profile verification are:

  • (Valid) Driver's License

  • (Valid) National Identity Card

  • (Valid) International Passport

  • (Valid) Resident Permit

  • (Valid) National Voter's Card (for Nigerians)

Q: Why was my verification unsuccessful?

A: Some of the reasons for an unsuccessful profile verification are:

  • Poor internet connection

  • The use of an expired Identification document

  • The use of a physically damaged Identification document

  • Poor-working camera

  • Poor lighting (while taking a selfie or your identification document)

  • Blurry, poor and unreadable ID photos

  • Inaccurate/mismatched information.

Q: I completed the verification process but haven't received a notification/update. What do I do?

A: This process usually takes a few minutes to complete. If your verification is taking longer than 5 minutes, don't hesitate to get in touch with support via email or chatbox on the website. A customer support agent will be happy to assist you or resolve the problem.

Q: How often do I need to verify my identity/SendSprint profile?

A: The SendSprint profile verification process is a one-time exercise. You would only need to verify your account once.

Keep reading to know how to verify your SendSprint profile. πŸ‘ˆ 😊

Q: My account has been hacked what do I do?

A: So sorry you experienced this πŸ˜”.

Please contact your bank immediately for assistance. They're in the best position to help address and resolve such sensitive issues.

Q: Why do I have to verify my phone number?
​A: You need to verify your number so we can confirm that the number you provided is valid and available (for communication) and as an additional way to verify your identity (for security reasons).

Q: Why can't I change the phone code to my preference?

A: The current phone code is shown as a result of the country of the address you put as your address. The phone codes will only reflect our sender countries which are the United States of America, the United Kingdom or Canada.

Q: What happens if I don't verify my phone number?
​A: Unfortunately, you won't be able to send money or buy gift cards for your loved ones if you don't verify your phone number. πŸ˜”

Please verify your phone number. πŸ™

Q: I changed my phone number, how can I update my profile with my new number?

A: To update your profile, log in to your Sendsprint profile/account, click my account, select my details, edit your phone number and select update address to save your information.

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