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How to: buy gift cards on Connect. πŸ›
How to: buy gift cards on Connect. πŸ›

How to buy gift cards on Sendsprint.

Written by Darlene
Updated over a week ago

Q: How do I buy a gift card on Connect?

A: It's pretty simple, all you need is to do the following:

Step 1: Step1: Search for

Step 2a: Create your SendSprint profile.

[click this to learn how to create and verify your SendSprint profile.

Step 2b: Log into your verified SendSprint profile.

Step 3: Select connect and gift cards.

Step 4: Select your currency.

Step 5: Select your recipient's country.

We currently offer this service to Nigeria and Kenya.

*** We're working tirelessly to expand our recipient countries. Do watch the space for the next country joining the list. 😊 ***

Step 6: Search and select the gift item(s) or vendor(s) you're purchasing from.

Step 7: Select or type the amount and quantity of gift cards.

Step 8: Select checkout.

Step 9: Select the recipient and input the requested information.

Step 10: Select event and fill input the requested information.

Step 11: Select the delivery date and input the delivery date of the gift card (s).

Step 12: Select make payment

Step 13: Input the requested information and select pay.

Step 14: Check your email box for your receipt confirming your purchase.

Step 15: Your recipient should check their email box for their gift card and shop at the vendor’s website or physical store.

Keep reading to know how to redeem /use your gift card. πŸ‘ˆ 😊

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