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What is Send Money? πŸ’°
What is Send Money? πŸ’°

SendSprint Send Money 101

Written by Darlene
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Q: What is Send Money?

A: Send Money is SendSprint's international online money transfer service for Africans at home and abroad. We know how expensive, and complicated it can be to send money to Africa, and SendSprint is bringing ease back into the international money transfer experience.

Q: What makes SendSprint Send Money unique?

A: SendSprint is a customer-focused company focused on helping Africans send and receive money in an easy, reliable and highly convenient way.

We know that sending money is a way to stay in touch with people at home, SendSprint is helping you maintain contact with home by making the process of sending money home easy, so you can continue supporting your loved ones, celebrating their special occasions or simply donating to a cause with ease.

Whatever your reasons are, SendSprint is partnering with you to change and impact lives back home.

Q: Is SendSprint approved by any regulators?

A: Yes, SendSprint is approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to provide money transfer services.

Q: Is it safe to use Send Money?

A: Yes it is. The safety of your money is important to us, this is why we have partnered with Flutterwave to guarantee secure, seamless and safe transfer transactions. The SendSprint guarantee is that your money is safe because we are partnered with the most secure payment processing company.

Q: Can I send and receive cryptocurrencies with Send Money on SendSprint?

A: You can only send and receive fiat currencies on SendSprint.

Watch this video on how to send money with SendSprint. πŸ‘‡

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