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SendSprint's Most Frequently Asked Questions. 📥
SendSprint's Most Frequently Asked Questions. 📥
Written by Darlene
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Q: Can I send money from Nigeria?

A: Unfortunately, you can't currently send money from Nigeria. 😥

But, We would announce if and when we decide to.

Q: Can I send money from Nigeria to the UK?

A: I'm sorry you can't. But you can receive money in Nigeria from the UK.

Q: Can I receive money from Ghana or Kenya?
A: Sadly, you can't at the moment. We're working tirelessly to include Ghana and Kenya on our list of receiving countries. Please watch the space and subscribe to our blog for announcements, product updates, company news, and exciting promos.

Q: Can I send money to Ghana?
A: No, you can't.
You can send money from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada to Nigeria and South Africa (only).

Sender Countries: the US 🇺🇸, UK🇬🇧 & Canada🇨🇦

Receiver/Recipient Countries: Nigeria🇳🇬 & South Africa🇿🇦

Q: If I send money, where would the recipient collect the money sent?
A: This depends on the convenient receiver option selected by you.

For Nigeria 🇳🇬
- Domiciliary USD Bank Account: The recipient's funds are deposited into their USD domiciliary bank account.

- Cash Pickup: The recipient picks up the cash from any of the designated bank’s branches.

- Instant USD Domiciliary Bank Account: The recipient's funds are deposited into a USD domiciliary bank account that will be created for them.

For South Africa🇿🇦

- Bank Account: The recipient's funds are deposited into their bank account.

Q: Can I pay with Barter?
A: No, you can't. Barter is not a payment method.

But, you can transfer to a bank account or mobile money wallet and send money to any of our recipient countries.

Q: How can I partner with SendSprint?

A: For business/partnership enquiries, please email

Q: I'd like to work with SendSprint, how can I apply?
A: Please send your hiring requests to

Best of luck! 😊

Q: Can I pay via direct debit?
A: I'm sorry you currently can't pay via direct debits, but it's in the works.

We're rolling out scheduled payments in a few weeks which will allow you to set up a recurring payment from your electronic money accounts (e.g Wise, Payoneer) to your domiciliary account through your card on Sendsprint. Until then, you can make payments using your card or Apple pay.

Q: How can I delete/deactivate my Sendsprint profile?

A: We'll hate to see you go. Please, send us a chat or email to assist you with the process.

Q: Is Sendsprint licensed to operate?

A: Yes, We have the required licenses and regulatory approvals to operate in our given markets.

Q: Why am I getting this error message "We could not charge this card. Reason: Restricted card: We're sorry we could not charge this card due to bank restrictions. Please contact your bank or financial institution.' ?

A: This error message could mean your bank may have not granted you access/permission to perform international online transactions.
Also, please note that our payment processing partners can not process payments via Visa International cards and virtual cards.

Q: What happens if I don't verify my phone number?
A: Unfortunately, you won't be able to send money or buy gift cards for your loved ones if you don't verify your phone number. 😔

Please verify your phone number. 🙏

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